How do I use it?

Download our free app for iOS or Android. Launch the app, visit a restaurant’s photos, select a dish you’d love to taste, tap the taste icon on the lower right, begin licking in the defined area & let in the flavors. Book a table if the restaurant suits your taste or sample another.

Is it safe?

OpenTable Taste has gone through extensive testing to ensure its safety to most users & all phones. Be aware that Taste may be highly addictive to some users. With excessive use, OpenTable taste may desensitize taste buds and make you feel full though still hungry. Exercise caution as over-licking is similar to over-eating.

To ensure safety of you and your device, wipe down your phone after licking. Excessive tongue moisture may impact your phone’s performance. Those with extra moist tongues (e.g. dogs & some humans) should exercise caution.

How does this work?

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Which photos can I use this on?

OpenTable Taste is designed to work best with food and drink photos on OpenTable’s apps. Licking other photo types such as interior, exterior, or restaurant staff or guests is not advised.

Which phones are supported?

OpenTable Taste is supported on our iPhone and Android apps. Try OpenTable’s free app for iOS or Android today.